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Your Unused Items: For Storage or Disposal?

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Sydney Cheap Storage offers facilities for safekeeping of your items. We can store almost anything to help you save space and temporarily take care of your items that are used at irregular times or seasonally.

However, as much as it is convenient for anyone to just rent a space and throw any items in, we recommend everyone to see things more clearly before putting everything on storage. Our storage may be cheap but it can cost you a lot if you have too many items to store and we strongly encourage to save some storage space by only putting items that still holds value even if you don’t use it quite often. Some may confuse which items needs to be stored and which ones needs actual disposal.


There are ways to get rid of unwanted items where you don’t have to take up a lot of storage and you can earn or help others instead. Here are some ways to do so:


Holding a Garage Sale

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Some items that are in good condition but you have no use for it can be sold from your own house at a garage sale. Invite your neighbors and friends or advertise in your neighborhood and you may see these items converted into cash. You may ask help from your entire family to assist you in selling these items

Donate to Charity

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Several items such as clothing and toys are welcomed by various institutions to give them to the less fortunate persons or even to victims of calamities. This is a good way of disposing your items while helping others.


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If you don’t want to dispose of some of your items but you can’t use it anymore, you might as well give it to somebody close to you. Your old clothes may fit your younger siblings or your children and they may find them useful. These could save them a decent amount of cash that would have been spent on these items.

Remember that every space you use or store is valuable. Your unused items can be useful to others and may belong there rather than stored in our storage in Sydney where you could put more important items instead.

It is important to sort out items for storage and figure out which should be stored and which are items that you could live without.

When you have all these items sorted out, Sydney Cheap Storage is always prepared to take these items under our protection. Stay tuned for more tips about your storage.

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