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Why you should choose Sydney Cheap Storage

Are you an avid traveler? Do you need a place for your things as you renovate your home? Or are you in need of storage for your stuff as you make your way to your new place? Whatever is the case, what you just need is a convenient storage facility.



One of the best storage facilities in Australia

A storage facility, or more commonly known as self-storage, is a rented storage space. In this industry, rooms, lockers or containers are rented out usually in a monthly basis for secured storage of tenants’ goods.

People store items because they want to keep them, but not many people have the extra space in their homes or in their friends’ garage for such stuff. They need space as they go away to travel, or as their homes are being renovated, or as kids from college who need to store their items as they look for their own place. This is how storage facilities came to be. Anyone can store their items, be it jet skis or your beloved train set.

As of now, there are more than 58 000 storage facilities worldwide, and there are approximately 1 000 storage facilities in Australia. If you’re looking for cheap facilities, then the storage in Sydney is the best place to find them and among the best is Sydney Cheap Storage (SCS).


How Sydney Cheap Storage works

Aside from the advantages of a typical storage facility, Sydney Cheap Storage can also assure you of the most convenient and cheap storage solutions in Sydney. Just drop SCS a call and you can expect immediate feedback and fast processing of your request. With SCS, you can expect the movers to come to you and offer the services you need, and pick up your stuff. Wherever you are, you can even expect a long distance service.

The portable modules are made of the highest quality industrial plywood that ensures their durability. In addition, the material used is breathable to promote excellent ventilation so humidity, flood and dry rot will not accumulate inside.

Budget friendly Storage Solutions

Sydney Cheap Storage prides itself in prioritizing customer satisfaction. With its aim to provide the best service, it offers clients two of its storage solutions that could answer your storage needs along with many other perks.

  •  Economy Service

With the Economy Service, SCS’ staff will deliver the Portable Storage Module to your doorstep. It comes with the right size for your stuff and protective padding for their security. It will then be picked up and delivered to a secure, weatherproof, alarm-monitored warehouse.

  •  Full Service

With this solution, all you need to do is give Sydney Cheap Storage a call for a schedule, and then you can just literally sit back and relax. SCS will send two expert movers with a Portable Storage Module based on the initial appraisal of your goods. The experts would use protective padding for the security of your staff and would ensure their delivery to a safe warehouse.

Still not sure which solution suits you? Sydney Cheap Storage also offers free professional appraisal. Just schedule an appraisal and an Appraiser will come to your home to measure your goods and advise you on what you would need.

To avail of Sydney’s most secure, convenient and cost effective storage, call Sydney Cheap Storage now!

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