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Tips in Packing and Organizing Your Self-Storage Unit

Stuffing your self-storage unit is an art. self-storage-unit-Australia and so that all of your unwanted furniture, equipment and etc. can fit into it. For someone who is not used to frequent relocation or is a first-time user of self-storage, it is better to prepare in advance because it can get oftentimes overwhelming if you do otherwise.

Here are a few tips in packing and organizing your stuff and self-storage space.

Organizing Your Self-Storage
It is important that before you pack your items, you must visit your unit so that you can visualize how and what you will put into it. Unit sizes are determined by price so you can save money by assessing what you have to store and planning to pack it efficiently. Remember, a smaller but well-organized unit is better than a larger one that is badly organized.

In organizing your unit, there are two essential reminders that you should keep in mind. First, make sure that you can access your items easily whenever you want it and secondly, take care of your belongings even if they are already stored. These are, after all, still your valuables.
Here are some tips in organizing your self-storage space:

  • If you think that the floor is not clean enough, put down protective sheeting or boards.
  • Check with the facility if they have trolleys or machineries that you can use especially if you are storing or lifting heavy boxes or furniture.
  • Try to create an aisle and leave enough room for you to roam around if you want to get something from your unit.
  • Stack similarly sized boxes together to save space.
  • Do not lean furniture against outside walls.
  • Put boxes or things that you might access frequently at the front of your unit.
  • Wedge the doors of your kitchen appliances to avoid bad odors and mildew.
  • If you have wobbly furniture or equipment, store them horizontally.

Packing Your Stuff
Many self-storage facilities, especially in Australia, that offer packing and cleaning your stuff but at an additional price. If you are clueless on what to do with your stuff, this is advisable; but if you want to be as organized as possible, do it on your own. One benefit of doing it yourself is that you will know exactly where your things are so can get it easily once you want to unpack it. Efficient packing is the key in maximizing your storage space.

Here are some tips in packing your valuables before storage:

  • Pack your books flatly on the floor to avoid damaging its spine.
  • Don’t store wet items in a storage facility because it can cause water damage, mold and mildew.
  • Defrost fridges and freezers thoroughly before storing them; otherwise it can become cause of water damage. However, leave its door slightly ajar to stop condensation forming and to ward off bad odor.
  • Wrap fragile items separately.
  • Wrap mirrors and pictures in a protective covering like bubble wrap and stack them on their ends.
  • Separate lamp bases and lampshades and wrap them for protection.

These are very easy-to-do tips so make sure that if you are relocating and storing your stuff, you apply these. But remember, packing and storing might be taxing but still, try as much as you can to enjoy the process.

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