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Sydney Cheap Storage: Security is our Top Priority

When we are in need of space, we usually look for a secured space. We usually run to these “containers” because our relatives don’t have enough space in their basement or garage for our stuff as we go away for vacation or for home renovation.  Or we make use of them to store our much-loved items when our rooms or house lacks the space for it. Since we are storing stuff that are dear to us, we make sure that we put them away where our minds can be put at ease.

Importance of Storages’ Security in Sydney 

There are many types of security breaches that happen in the world today. In Australia, the most problems that the Australian Crime Commission has encountered are misplaced classified documents, identification, secure laptops and other equipments. And, of course, theft can not be crossed out.

In the case of personal stuff, we might fall prey to the latter. If we leave them in an unsecured place, we can expect to not find our stuff in the same place. Since storages in Sydney originated from simple lockers and containers, security breaches in the past happened on a regular basis.

This is why it is imperative that when we use the service of a storage facility company to store our belongings especially gadgets, appliances, and important documents, we have to make sure that we choose the most secured facility.

Safe and protected storage facility in Sydney

SCS is Sydney’s most secure, convenient and effective storage.

In our past blog article, we talked about the reasons why you should choose Sydney Cheap Storage. One of the reasons why you should do so is the excellent security measures that SCS employ for your stuff.

·         Secured facility

All our storage facilities are self-contained, fully-locked and alarm monitored. In addition, the self storage that is delivered to you comes with a padlock which you lock before we load and transport it. You can be assured that you’re the only one who can unlock it.

·         Well-preserved module

We make sure that your stuff is pristinely preserved. We are a name to be recalled when we talk about clean facilities and premises.  In addition, the portable modules that we use are made of the highest quality industrial plywood that ensures durability and breathability so your belongings won’t be destroyed or ruined both from outside or inside.

·         Safe Delivery

Our expert movers deliver the module with protective padding to your home, and can pack your belongings for you with utmost care. Once they’re packed with our highly secured module, we will bring your stuff to our warehouse where it is kept in the best conditions. You don’t have to worry since our full concierge services oversee both inbound and outbound deliveries.

·         Cheap Insurance

As a precautionary measure, we offer an affordable insurance plan which will put your mind more at ease. For just $1.50 per month for every $1, 000 of coverage, our plan can protect you and your stuff from unexpected problems such as theft, fire and flooding.

Cheap BUT Secured storages

With Sydney Cheap Storage, you can be assured of the high security measures that we undertake for your stuff. But we are not just a name for security. We also pride our self for providing excellent service at unbeatable prices.

 If you’re looking for a cheap storage in Sydney where you can enjoy additional services, then you must have heard of us. Here are our additional services that you can enjoy along with our normal packages:

·         Free appraisal. If you’re unsure of which package to avail, just call us and our professional mover will come to your home and give you an estimate.

·         Hassle-free packing and loading. When you avail of our packages, our expert movers will load your stuff, and transport them with our own vehicle. You don’t have to worry about hiring a van for them.

·         Payment bonus. Should you decide to move out early, we will refund your unused rent. And should you decide to pay your first six months in advance, you’ll get a month free of charge for your storage.

·         Availability. You will have full access to your portable module Monday to Friday from 8AM to 4PM. Just give us three days notice, and we’ll have your mobile storage unit ready and waiting for you.

Sydney Cheap Storage has built a reputation with its promise that when you use SCS, your belongings will be returned to you in the exact same condition in which they were originally stored.  So, call Sydney Cheap Storage now and avail of Sydney’s most secure, convenient and effective storage!

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