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Substituting Items for a better Storage Space

One of the hardest tasks in storage is picking which items are in need of storage and/or disposal. In the previous blog, we revealed some ways on how to get rid of unwanted clutter that could give you more space to fill the storage. Some items like clothes and toys could be given as hand-me-downs and old equipment can be sold through garage sales.

There are also other items that you probably own that can be disposed of or be replaced with a substitute that is practical and space and cost-friendly.

Although it is common practice to store damaged, old or rarely used items, you can save a lot of time by replacing some of your regular items in exchange for these substitutes.

Collector’s Items

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Many people collect different items and consider it as an achievement. These are usually done for leisure or a hobby. It can be toys, magazines or any piece of item that may gain value in time. If you happen to be keeping your own collection, you know that these items take up space for display or storage.

However, as we grow up, some fall out from their interest and stop collecting. It can also be for financial restraints or it could be that these items are just hard to find and obtain. Maintenance also requires hard work to keep it safe from damage and away from dust and dirt.

If you ever get bored of collecting and find it of no use, you may use our storage space but you can also earn money from it. Some collectors are willing to pay for any valuable items for a price and selling items from your collection can earn you money.



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Pictures holds a lot of sentimental value. It contains a lot of memories that we often like to go back to and the reason why we keep them. But as we take many pictures, they also take up space for storage. One way of reducing it but maintaining these pictures is to go digital. Pictures can now be transferred to computers and it lessens the risk of getting damaged or decreasing quality.


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Books can be bulky and they may not even be of use after a few times. They are also prone to damage and could be lost. When you have a stock of books that are just collecting dust on the bookshelf. It may be better to put them on storage or give them away.

E-books is a popular substitute and a lot of books are available through this format. Using them is very convenient and you don’t need physical space to store them.

There are other things in your household that can be converted to cash or be disposed of to keep your home organized and require you a huge storage.

Whether you follow our advice above, our storage in Sydney can accommodate any of the items listed. Give us a call now and we can give you more storage advice!

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