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Self Storage for Hoarders

Are you a self-confessed hoarder?

Hoarding is the habit of excessively collecting and holding on to things. A hoarder can’t seem to let it go, and just let items pile up. These items range from greeting cards, to accessories, to clothes that “might” be worn one day, to junk mails, to old newspapers, to furnitures, and to even trash and rotten food.

This activity is also called compulsive hoarding and compulsive hoarding syndrome. Although there are still debates whether this is an official mental illness, it is still characterized as an abnormality in brain function.

Self Storage for Hoarders

Hoarding ranges from a simple obsession to a form of mental illness where a perceived importance of items exceeds their real value. Whether you’re someone who’s just being sentimental in keeping candy wraps or a clinger who can’t let go of childhood toys which are battered due to excessive play, new ones gifted by friends, and scraps picked up from the garbage, perhaps it’s time for you to control those urges.

You may think that hoarding is a harmless habit. But this can pose a problem in the family where living space is slowly being swallowed by constantly growing collection of stuff.

A good way to control hoarding urges is having a storage system. In Sydney, cheap storage facilities are available for your convenience. They have leasing options that cater to your availability, security, comfort, and the amount of the things that you want to store. Not only that, if you can’t seem to know how to organize your things, a company like Sydney Cheap Storage offer services to clean and pack and your belongings.

Having a self-storage does not just give your family a breathing space, it also comforts the hoarder in you because you know that your belongings are safe and you can visit them anytime you want. And by the time that you have realized the convenience of having a bigger space in your home, you may finally think of relieving yourself of such urges.

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