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Managing Your Office Relocation with Less Stress

The success of your business headquarter relocation depends on how you manage several factors that affect the relocation process. It is already given that timeframe and cost are the first variables that will affect the reliability and stability of your business.

After prioritizing these variables, you must also consider these factors:

  1. Identifying and viewing of properties

Allot 3 months or more for the inspection of your new location. Since it will be an unfamiliar territory for you and your staff, you have to provide report on how it will impact your business. A good location provides comfort and accessibility.

  1. Agreeing on Terms and Conditions of the Leasing

This works like leasing a home in Australia. You have to do property inspection, document signing, organizing finance and insuring your property. Also, part of office leasing in the country is ensuring that your location is within correct business zone. You will also have to sign a Retail or Commercial Lease as required.

Usually, it is part of your duty to understand your obligations and your landlord’s when signing a lease. You must also be knowledgeable on requirements of leasing, that includes Retail Leases Act 2003. Understanding the Terms and Condition is a must.

  1. Getting Legal Advice

Legal and commercial advice is necessary before making any commitments in buying, leasing or incurring any obligations. Also, presence of lawyers is necessary when signing an offer to lease or any other documents. When money is involved during payment of any deposit or transactions, it is advised that you ask for the involvement of a legal person.

  1. Deciding on Office Design

In an article of Quartz, a well-designed office impacts the productivity of its tenants. Again, a good office is where employees find comfort. Where they feel like going back again and work for the business. It is believed that a bad office condition can cost employers two and a half days a year. This means, it causes absenteeism among its employees – losing productivity and ROI.

  1. Migrating IT system

During this process, it is better to reassess and research data connections and to upgrade hardware. This will give you a chance in upgrading your system to make your connection better. Plan on migrating existing IT and telecoms.

  1. Doing the Physical Move

This is considered to be your last stage in moving your office. Equipments and properties are your investment. Prepare an inventory for this. You might want to get help from reliable companies that can aid you in packaging. Self storage facilities in Sydney are very easy to find but finding a reliable one that can provide you with quality service relies on some statements from previous companies they have liaised with.

Among the names that you can trust, Sydney Cheap Storage is one of the companies that you can depend on. We provide convenience, security, excellent customer service and affordable packages.

After managing your checklist of office relocation, you can finally pat your back, sit down on your chair in your new office, and sigh a breath of relief. Call us today!

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