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Making the Most Out of Your Business Storage

In our previous blogs, we’ve talked about how self storage can be beneficial to one’s business. Now that you have acquired the services of a storage facility, there are other ways where you can maximize its use.

Think of a storage unit as another business investment. As a “space” you’ve rented, nothing is stopping you from using it as an extension of your office. Archive important documents, protect office furniture, and avoid damage to computers. Efficiently plan how you can make the most out of your storage through the following:

Take advantage of climate control

One great thing about storages is the durability of the units and the security they offer. With the climate control service that most facilities offer, you can prevent your office stuff from warping, rusting, yellowing, molding and getting infested by vermin. This is essential when you’re storing computers or parts, paperworks, and chemical samples.

Here at Sydney Cheap Storage, we make sure that everything is kept in the best conditions by having our units and warehouses equipped with proper measures to ensure durability and security.

Keep an inventory

You, as well as your employees, are given free reign on when to visit your self storage unit. Since authorized personnel are allowed to visit and take stuff, you should make an organized effort to keep track on your things too. Remind your employees to record the stuff they are taking and visiting.

Make a note on proper packing

To ensure the safety of your stuff and achieving no or less damage, you should take note on how certain items should be packed. Computers must be in boxes with foam insulation. Documents and photos should be placed in same sized boxes for easier stacking. Office furniture would need more elaborate packing, so it’s understandable to let experts movers pack them.

You should also take note on how frequent you would need to access certain items to make sure that you place them in accessible spots.

With these tips, you can maximize your storage investment and even give you the least amount of time to worry about your stuff.

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