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How to Pack Smartly for Your Move

In our previous blog, we talked about the proper packing supplies and boxes that you would need for your big moving day. It was mentioned that improper packing could lead to breakage or damage of your fragile belongings.


Aside from choosing the right box for your items, you should also know that certain items are meant to be packed by professionals, by yourself and there are even items that are not meant to be packed at all.


Fragile Items

Items such as glassware and antique need utmost care when packing. You would need plenty of cushioning materials such as packing paper and Styrofoam to support the bottom and edges of the carton.

 Wrap each china and glassware in several sheets of paper and placed on rims. Always put heavier pieces at the bottom. Don’t forget to write Fragile outside the box.


Books and DVDs

For your books, keep the carton weight under 50 pounds and in small boxes, or else these items will be difficult to be moved, or worse break the bottom of the box. Pack the books with same sizes, and alternate the orientation of their binding.

 To avoid scratches, cover your DVDs, cassette tapes and other media items in their respective covering; or if none, use tissue paper to wrap them. Fill in the spaces with paper to provide a snug fit inside the box.



For your clothes, you can fold them and place them in suitcases or in wardrobe cartons or even inside dressers as long as they’re light enough not to add too much weight on the dresser.

 As for your shoes, if you do not have their boxes on hand, you can add them with your other items as long as they’re placed on top or not below heavy items.


Linens and Beddings

A good thing about linens is that you could use them as padding material for delicate items. Fold and place them in larger boxes, and place lightweight materials such as clocks and radios on them.

 As for beddings, you can either place them in wardrobe cartons or just fold them.


For some items such as home theater systems and other heavy appliances, if you don’t have their original boxes along with their protective paddings, it is recommended to leave the packing to professionals. If you are employing a storage company in Sydney for the safekeeping and moving of some of your stuff, then you may avail of the services of their professional movers to pack for you.

 Do add these tips on your checklist to ensure the success of your moving!

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