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Choosing the Right Box When Moving

It’s moving day once again, and you are on the hunt for the right box for your goods. Second hand boxes may be accessible in your area, but this type of budget saving may lead to more expenses due to improper packing.

It is important that you have noted factors to consider when looking for the right box and packing materials for your precious cargos.


Moving Supplies

Aside from the storage itself, the very first thing that you need is a permanent black marker. Make sure that you have properly labeled your boxes with an effective labeling system. You could label your boxes according to room assignment, item size, or whatever categories that best work for you.

The next thing that you would need is the packing tape. For sturdier results, make use of a professional packing tape instead of masking tape. Observe proper usage of the tape since you’ll be filling and closing a lot of boxes.

In addition, you would need to secure the safety of your items inside the box so make use of a packing paper. Contrary to popular advice, newspaper isn’t really recommended since it could stain your valuables. You could, at least, choose clear paper or old glossy magazines. For your fragile items, crush some Styrofoam and pour it inside or use some bubble wraps for extra protection.


Moving Boxes

You painstakingly planned how you would pack your things, so it makes sense for you to also dedicate some time in finding the right box for them. Boxes that are packed too heavy can break open, while those that are lightly-packed can be crushed. This is why box size is important.

Book or Small Carton

A 1.5 cubic foot box is the smallest general-purpose box that could be used for books, CDs, canned goods, accessories and other small objects.


Medium Carton

A medium-sized box is just right for smaller, heavier items such as small kitchen appliances, pots and pans.


Large Carton

You can stuff light and bulky items in the largest box that you could find. Among those items are clothes, pillows, stuffed toys, and blankets.


Storage module

For more fragile items like a prized appliance, furniture, art, or collectible, you can commission a self storage module from a cheap storage company. The module could provide extra protection with its padding and durable materials meant to secure your items.


If you don’t know where to find these, you can contact your moving or storage company to know where to find these boxes. In Sydney Cheap Storage, free appraisal is offered to help clients determine which service they would need, as well as the boxes and packing supplies.  So, it would save you a lot of time to find a place that could provide you with all the things that you would need. 

Good luck choosing the right box!

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