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Before Flying Out: Your Guide to International Relocation

Congratulations, you’re all set and ready to go to chase your dream of becoming an expatriate!

 You have received confirmation that all your legal documents and needs at the other side of the globe are finalized and only your presence is needed. But before getting all excited, you also have to take care of some personal things that your company or organization won’t do for you.

Compared to just moving houses and towns, relocating to another country means more adventure – and more loose ends to tie before literally flying out. So here are some personal tips to help you relocate with fewer worries.

Check your documents

Make sure that you have a copy of all your legal papers – from your traveling documents to personal information. Leave a copy to your most trusted family member or friend at home to send them to you when the need arise, a copy for your company or organization to confirm your ties with them, and for yourself, just in case complications arise when you relocate.

Pack lightly

Be very strict when choosing the things that you would pack. Since your items are going to be transported overseas, the fee will be measure according to their cubic feet. The less items that you bring, the cheaper your moving costs would be. Also, make sure that you only hire reputable removalist company which could provide you all the information that would make your move more convenient.

Clear everything out

Cancel all your utilities. Fix your new mailing address, and inform your families and friends. If you own your house, then good for you. You just need to make sure that it’s fully secured and will still be intact by the time you go back.

 And if you’re on rental, then you better start clearing out your items. Give away some stuff for sentimental reasons, sell some items away for pocket money, and store things that you can’t just part with in your old childhood home or in a storage facility. It’ll be more inexpensive and safe to put your stuff in your relative’s place or in a cheap storage facility in Sydney or someplace near you.

Be Mentally and Emotionally Ready

Perhaps you have been dreaming for a long time to land this dream assignment of yours. However, being ready does not just mean making a list of the places you want to visit and the things that you want to do in another country. You have to learn all there is to know about your new home like the culture and the way of life of the people. You have to know where your embassy is located and be part of the expat community of that area. In short, learn all expat tips that you can find.

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