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Sydney Cheap Storage: Security is our Top Priority

When we are in need of space, we usually look for a secured space. We usually run to these “containers” because our relatives don’t have enough space in their basement or garage for our stuff as we go away for vacation or for home renovation.  Or we make use of them to store our much-loved items when our rooms or house lacks the space for it. Since we are storing stuff that are dear to us, we make sure that we put them away where our minds can be put at ease.

Importance of Storages’ Security in Sydney 

There are many types of security breaches that happen in the world today. In Australia, the most problems that the Australian Crime Commission has encountered are misplaced classified documents, identification, secure laptops and other equipments. And, of course, theft can not be crossed out.

In the case of personal stuff, we might fall prey to the latter. If we leave them in an unsecured place, we can expect to not find our stuff in the same place. Since storages in Sydney originated from simple lockers and containers, security breaches in the past happened on a regular basis.

This is why it is imperative that when we use the service of a storage facility company to store our belongings especially gadgets, appliances, and important documents, we have to make sure that we choose the most secured facility.

Safe and protected storage facility in Sydney

SCS is Sydney’s most secure, convenient and effective storage.

In our past blog article, we talked about the reasons why you should choose Sydney Cheap Storage. One of the reasons why you should do so is the excellent security measures that SCS employ for your stuff.

·         Secured facility

All our storage facilities are self-contained, fully-locked and alarm monitored. In addition, the self storage that is delivered to you comes with a padlock which you lock before we load and transport it. You can be assured that you’re the only one who can unlock it.

·         Well-preserved module

We make sure that your stuff is pristinely preserved. We are a name to be recalled when we talk about clean facilities and premises.  In addition, the portable modules that we use are made of the highest quality industrial plywood that ensures durability and breathability so your belongings won’t be destroyed or ruined both from outside or inside.

·         Safe Delivery

Our expert movers deliver the module with protective padding to your home, and can pack your belongings for you with utmost care. Once they’re packed with our highly secured module, we will bring your stuff to our warehouse where it is kept in the best conditions. You don’t have to worry since our full concierge services oversee both inbound and outbound deliveries.

·         Cheap Insurance

As a precautionary measure, we offer an affordable insurance plan which will put your mind more at ease. For just $1.50 per month for every $1, 000 of coverage, our plan can protect you and your stuff from unexpected problems such as theft, fire and flooding.

Cheap BUT Secured storages

With Sydney Cheap Storage, you can be assured of the high security measures that we undertake for your stuff. But we are not just a name for security. We also pride our self for providing excellent service at unbeatable prices.

 If you’re looking for a cheap storage in Sydney where you can enjoy additional services, then you must have heard of us. Here are our additional services that you can enjoy along with our normal packages:

·         Free appraisal. If you’re unsure of which package to avail, just call us and our professional mover will come to your home and give you an estimate.

·         Hassle-free packing and loading. When you avail of our packages, our expert movers will load your stuff, and transport them with our own vehicle. You don’t have to worry about hiring a van for them.

·         Payment bonus. Should you decide to move out early, we will refund your unused rent. And should you decide to pay your first six months in advance, you’ll get a month free of charge for your storage.

·         Availability. You will have full access to your portable module Monday to Friday from 8AM to 4PM. Just give us three days notice, and we’ll have your mobile storage unit ready and waiting for you.

Sydney Cheap Storage has built a reputation with its promise that when you use SCS, your belongings will be returned to you in the exact same condition in which they were originally stored.  So, call Sydney Cheap Storage now and avail of Sydney’s most secure, convenient and effective storage!

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Why you should choose Sydney Cheap Storage

Are you an avid traveler? Do you need a place for your things as you renovate your home? Or are you in need of storage for your stuff as you make your way to your new place? Whatever is the case, what you just need is a convenient storage facility.



One of the best storage facilities in Australia

A storage facility, or more commonly known as self-storage, is a rented storage space. In this industry, rooms, lockers or containers are rented out usually in a monthly basis for secured storage of tenants’ goods.

People store items because they want to keep them, but not many people have the extra space in their homes or in their friends’ garage for such stuff. They need space as they go away to travel, or as their homes are being renovated, or as kids from college who need to store their items as they look for their own place. This is how storage facilities came to be. Anyone can store their items, be it jet skis or your beloved train set.

As of now, there are more than 58 000 storage facilities worldwide, and there are approximately 1 000 storage facilities in Australia. If you’re looking for cheap facilities, then the storage in Sydney is the best place to find them and among the best is Sydney Cheap Storage (SCS).


How Sydney Cheap Storage works

Aside from the advantages of a typical storage facility, Sydney Cheap Storage can also assure you of the most convenient and cheap storage solutions in Sydney. Just drop SCS a call and you can expect immediate feedback and fast processing of your request. With SCS, you can expect the movers to come to you and offer the services you need, and pick up your stuff. Wherever you are, you can even expect a long distance service.

The portable modules are made of the highest quality industrial plywood that ensures their durability. In addition, the material used is breathable to promote excellent ventilation so humidity, flood and dry rot will not accumulate inside.

Budget friendly Storage Solutions

Sydney Cheap Storage prides itself in prioritizing customer satisfaction. With its aim to provide the best service, it offers clients two of its storage solutions that could answer your storage needs along with many other perks.

  •  Economy Service

With the Economy Service, SCS’ staff will deliver the Portable Storage Module to your doorstep. It comes with the right size for your stuff and protective padding for their security. It will then be picked up and delivered to a secure, weatherproof, alarm-monitored warehouse.

  •  Full Service

With this solution, all you need to do is give Sydney Cheap Storage a call for a schedule, and then you can just literally sit back and relax. SCS will send two expert movers with a Portable Storage Module based on the initial appraisal of your goods. The experts would use protective padding for the security of your staff and would ensure their delivery to a safe warehouse.

Still not sure which solution suits you? Sydney Cheap Storage also offers free professional appraisal. Just schedule an appraisal and an Appraiser will come to your home to measure your goods and advise you on what you would need.

To avail of Sydney’s most secure, convenient and cost effective storage, call Sydney Cheap Storage now!

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Self Storage for Hoarders

Are you a self-confessed hoarder?

Hoarding is the habit of excessively collecting and holding on to things. A hoarder can’t seem to let it go, and just let items pile up. These items range from greeting cards, to accessories, to clothes that “might” be worn one day, to junk mails, to old newspapers, to furnitures, and to even trash and rotten food.

This activity is also called compulsive hoarding and compulsive hoarding syndrome. Although there are still debates whether this is an official mental illness, it is still characterized as an abnormality in brain function.

Self Storage for Hoarders

Hoarding ranges from a simple obsession to a form of mental illness where a perceived importance of items exceeds their real value. Whether you’re someone who’s just being sentimental in keeping candy wraps or a clinger who can’t let go of childhood toys which are battered due to excessive play, new ones gifted by friends, and scraps picked up from the garbage, perhaps it’s time for you to control those urges.

You may think that hoarding is a harmless habit. But this can pose a problem in the family where living space is slowly being swallowed by constantly growing collection of stuff.

A good way to control hoarding urges is having a storage system. In Sydney, cheap storage facilities are available for your convenience. They have leasing options that cater to your availability, security, comfort, and the amount of the things that you want to store. Not only that, if you can’t seem to know how to organize your things, a company like Sydney Cheap Storage offer services to clean and pack and your belongings.

Having a self-storage does not just give your family a breathing space, it also comforts the hoarder in you because you know that your belongings are safe and you can visit them anytime you want. And by the time that you have realized the convenience of having a bigger space in your home, you may finally think of relieving yourself of such urges.

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Substituting Items for a better Storage Space

One of the hardest tasks in storage is picking which items are in need of storage and/or disposal. In the previous blog, we revealed some ways on how to get rid of unwanted clutter that could give you more space to fill the storage. Some items like clothes and toys could be given as hand-me-downs and old equipment can be sold through garage sales.

There are also other items that you probably own that can be disposed of or be replaced with a substitute that is practical and space and cost-friendly.

Although it is common practice to store damaged, old or rarely used items, you can save a lot of time by replacing some of your regular items in exchange for these substitutes.

Collector’s Items

Image from

Many people collect different items and consider it as an achievement. These are usually done for leisure or a hobby. It can be toys, magazines or any piece of item that may gain value in time. If you happen to be keeping your own collection, you know that these items take up space for display or storage.

However, as we grow up, some fall out from their interest and stop collecting. It can also be for financial restraints or it could be that these items are just hard to find and obtain. Maintenance also requires hard work to keep it safe from damage and away from dust and dirt.

If you ever get bored of collecting and find it of no use, you may use our storage space but you can also earn money from it. Some collectors are willing to pay for any valuable items for a price and selling items from your collection can earn you money.



Image from

Pictures holds a lot of sentimental value. It contains a lot of memories that we often like to go back to and the reason why we keep them. But as we take many pictures, they also take up space for storage. One way of reducing it but maintaining these pictures is to go digital. Pictures can now be transferred to computers and it lessens the risk of getting damaged or decreasing quality.


Image from

Books can be bulky and they may not even be of use after a few times. They are also prone to damage and could be lost. When you have a stock of books that are just collecting dust on the bookshelf. It may be better to put them on storage or give them away.

E-books is a popular substitute and a lot of books are available through this format. Using them is very convenient and you don’t need physical space to store them.

There are other things in your household that can be converted to cash or be disposed of to keep your home organized and require you a huge storage.

Whether you follow our advice above, our storage in Sydney can accommodate any of the items listed. Give us a call now and we can give you more storage advice!

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Your Unused Items: For Storage or Disposal?

Image from

Sydney Cheap Storage offers facilities for safekeeping of your items. We can store almost anything to help you save space and temporarily take care of your items that are used at irregular times or seasonally.

However, as much as it is convenient for anyone to just rent a space and throw any items in, we recommend everyone to see things more clearly before putting everything on storage. Our storage may be cheap but it can cost you a lot if you have too many items to store and we strongly encourage to save some storage space by only putting items that still holds value even if you don’t use it quite often. Some may confuse which items needs to be stored and which ones needs actual disposal.


There are ways to get rid of unwanted items where you don’t have to take up a lot of storage and you can earn or help others instead. Here are some ways to do so:


Holding a Garage Sale

Image from

Some items that are in good condition but you have no use for it can be sold from your own house at a garage sale. Invite your neighbors and friends or advertise in your neighborhood and you may see these items converted into cash. You may ask help from your entire family to assist you in selling these items

Donate to Charity

Image from

Several items such as clothing and toys are welcomed by various institutions to give them to the less fortunate persons or even to victims of calamities. This is a good way of disposing your items while helping others.


Image from

If you don’t want to dispose of some of your items but you can’t use it anymore, you might as well give it to somebody close to you. Your old clothes may fit your younger siblings or your children and they may find them useful. These could save them a decent amount of cash that would have been spent on these items.

Remember that every space you use or store is valuable. Your unused items can be useful to others and may belong there rather than stored in our storage in Sydney where you could put more important items instead.

It is important to sort out items for storage and figure out which should be stored and which are items that you could live without.

When you have all these items sorted out, Sydney Cheap Storage is always prepared to take these items under our protection. Stay tuned for more tips about your storage.

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Importance of Labels in Packages

Here in Sydney Cheap Storage, we offer you the convenience of packing and storing your items. We keep them safe and stored properly for protection and safekeeping.

One of the best practices in storing items is putting on labels or tags on your items for easier identification and organization.

Photo from

Putting on labels makes it easier for you to locate where these items are or where they should be placed or even to whom they belong to. This is helpful when you have a storage or compartments  full of different items  and you are only looking for a particular item. This saves you time and effort as you don’t have to look at each storage by taking each one of them out and putting it back again and repeat the same process every single time. Just looking for items on label saves you time and energy.

It is recommended that when you store several items together, you store them as a group that belongs together or at least be related to each other in terms of function. The reason is that you don’t have to label them separately and you can just label them on the box or whatever storage you are using.

For example, you can label seasonal items together. Christmas decorations such as wall decors and Christmas trees are often stored when the Yuletide season is over or haven’t started yet. You can store them in one storage altogether and label them as Christmas items instead of having to label every single Christmas item when you store them apart in different storages.


You can also organize and label items by grouping them together by where they should be or to whom they specifically belong. If you are storing your child’s toys or clothing, you can label it as a group that specifies that it is your child’s items. That makes it easier to find his toys and avoiding the hassle of going through different boxes of toys or clothes that may belong to a sibling or a different member of the family.

It’s important that these labels are placed where you can easily see them and make sure that the labels you use are durable and won’t be removed or erased so quickly.

Protect your items in one of the best storage facilities in Australia by calling us now to avoid inconvenience in packing your items!

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Fall Organizing and Storage Tips

While we marvel at fall’s warm colors, let us not forget that our homes also need an update. Spring cleaning is so passé-try fall cleaning and re-organizing and you will be amazed at how your house will transform from last season’s heat!

At Sydney Cheap Storage, we not only store things; but at the end of the day, we also want our clients to have an inviting and peaceful homes and it boosts our spirit whenever we can help them improve their house’s appearance – especially if we helped them eliminate clutter through our storage solutions in Sydney. Here are our fall organizing and storage tips that will surely let your house breath.

Accessory Storage

Photo from

Compared to summer, fall in Australia is colder so expect jackets, sweaters, backpacks and umbrellas to pile up in your house. To eliminate this clutter, take cue from restaurants by installing double ceiling hooks underneath a shelf.

Home Appropriate Lockers

Photo from

Fall’s days are shorter and before we know it, it’s already the winter season. Beat the fall storage cramming by installing or remodeling your kid’s locker into a catchall for your kids’ mountains of stuff- gloves, sports equipments, shoe and more! You can also make this your project so that you can have that Dad-son bonding moment.

Mudroom Organizer

We understand that everyone in the family has their own kind of mess: sports equipments for your husband or kids and purses and shoes for you. To eliminate more clutter from piling up in your house this season, create a separate storage container for each gear by assigning a sturdy metal storage bin to each member of the household. You can slide or hide these bins underneath a bench in front of the hall or arrange them in your mud room.

Remote Corral

Photo from

We know that it’s such a hassle to look for remote controls for your TV, air conditioner or fire place especially this season because you just want to relax and watch your favorite show. But with at least three remote controls on your table, you will easily lose your cool if you press the wrong one. Place them in a more convenient place by putting a wide mouth vase or a nice looking container on your side table and just drop it all in.

A Basket for Your Slippers

Photo from

As the cooler falls season hits Australia, make a slipper basket and fill it with comfortable slippers or soft socks as a warm welcome for visitors. Make your very own shoe hangers to preserve the shape of tall boots and maximize space—dedicate a small closet space near your door so that you can easily access them.

Fall should not hinder you from making beautiful and practical storage spaces in your house. Just use a little imagination and you are set even up to winter!

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Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Sydney Cheap Storage

scs-logoThere are many storage facilities is Sydney, but more so in Australia. But finding the best storage facility can be daunting as the choices can be overwhelming. The key in looking for the best storage company for you is first, take a deep breath then hover over the Internet and look at your choices. There are a lot to chose from but let us give you five reasons why Sydney Cheap Storage is best for you.

#1 We Have The Best Prices

For as low as $123 a month, you can have you own self-storage module and we guarantee to beast any estimate in the market by 10%. And if you feel like upgrading to a bigger unit, our representatives can easily advise which units will suit your needs; otherwise, we have smaller units that you can choose from. Either way, you get the best value for your money. That is why when we say that we provide the best services at the best prices, you know that you can take it to the bank!

#2 We Protect Your Belongings form Unexpected Hazards

Sydney Cheap Storage is known for the mantra that “what and how you put it in will be the same as when you want it out”. But let’s be honest, accidents and hazards can always happen. That is why, we have taken the initiative of giving our customers a broad coverage insurance plan that will protect their belongings from theft, fire or flooding.

#3 We Also Offer Storage Solutions for Businesses

We not only offer storage solutions for individuals in Sydney but we also specialize in high security document storage for small to huge companies with a complete turnkey solution. Our Professional Appraiser can give you an obligation-free quote after evaluating your business storage needs.

#4 We Are Available Anytime!

We made sure that whenever you want to access your module, you can do so! We have convenient schedules so that you can open your self-storage unit whenever necessary.  Just give us three days notice and we’ll have your unit ready for you.

#5 Load it, Lock it & We’ll Do the Rest

With our Economy Service, we deliver a portable storage module right in your doorstep, depending on your needs; it also has protective padding that will secure your belongings in place during transport and the rest assured that we will deliver and lock it up on our secured, waterproof and alarm-monitored warehouse.

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