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More Storage Tips from Sydney Cheap Storage

organizing-and-packing-your-storage-unit-tips-from-sydney-cheap-storageFor the past couple of weeks, we’ve been bombarding you with tips on how to find the perfect self-storage facility and how to pack it efficiently. But, in our business, it never hurts to make more preparations and precautions to make sure that your belongings are safe and get the value of what you paid for.

With this, let Sydney Cheap Storage give you more tips on how to pack and organize your self-storage facility.

Packing Tips

  • Buy wardrobe or clothes boxes if you are going to store clothes so that you can easily hang them and still be able to keep their shape. Putting your clothes in a bin liner is not advisable because moisture can seep inside when they’re sealed thus your clothes can get ruined.
  • Wrap mirrors and pictures in protective covering like bubble wrap and stack them on their ends. Mirrors and pictures SHOULD NEVER be stored flat on the floor because it makes them easily breakable.
  • Cover your upholstery and couches with covers, bags or sheets to give them additional protection. Place them on the back wherever possible to save space and to not stack too much on top of soft furnishings. Mattresses should be raised above floor level or laid on protective sheeting for additional protection.
  •  Dismantle your big furniture like beds and drawers before you store it in a storage facility; but make sure that you wrap and cover and keep them together for quick retrieval in the future.
  • Stack your seats to save space. Cover chair legs with protective wrapping for protection.
  • Spray your furniture with furniture spray before storing it in a storage facility to give it extra protection.

Organizing Your Storage Unit

  • It is important to visit and sweep your unit before you move anything in. This gives you an idea of how you want things stored in your unit.
  • Label everything for easy and quick identification of the contents. Use permanent marker so that the label won’t fade away.
  • Keep an inventory of you things, and if you have the time, make a photo checklist so that you can easily refer to it in your home.
  • Keep a distance between your items and the walls to ensure adequate air flow. Your stuff also needs to “breath.”
  • Make a sketch of how you want to arrange your unit. This saves time and energy in terms of trying to remember and locate your items.

It is important to maximize your self-storage unit so that all of your uneeded stuff will be stored properly. At Sydney Cheap Storage, we have representatives who can give you a run through (and obligation-free) of our different storage sizes and how much it costs. So click here to talk to one of our representatives!

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Tips in Packing and Organizing Your Self-Storage Unit

Stuffing your self-storage unit is an art. self-storage-unit-Australia and so that all of your unwanted furniture, equipment and etc. can fit into it. For someone who is not used to frequent relocation or is a first-time user of self-storage, it is better to prepare in advance because it can get oftentimes overwhelming if you do otherwise.

Here are a few tips in packing and organizing your stuff and self-storage space.

Organizing Your Self-Storage
It is important that before you pack your items, you must visit your unit so that you can visualize how and what you will put into it. Unit sizes are determined by price so you can save money by assessing what you have to store and planning to pack it efficiently. Remember, a smaller but well-organized unit is better than a larger one that is badly organized.

In organizing your unit, there are two essential reminders that you should keep in mind. First, make sure that you can access your items easily whenever you want it and secondly, take care of your belongings even if they are already stored. These are, after all, still your valuables.
Here are some tips in organizing your self-storage space:

  • If you think that the floor is not clean enough, put down protective sheeting or boards.
  • Check with the facility if they have trolleys or machineries that you can use especially if you are storing or lifting heavy boxes or furniture.
  • Try to create an aisle and leave enough room for you to roam around if you want to get something from your unit.
  • Stack similarly sized boxes together to save space.
  • Do not lean furniture against outside walls.
  • Put boxes or things that you might access frequently at the front of your unit.
  • Wedge the doors of your kitchen appliances to avoid bad odors and mildew.
  • If you have wobbly furniture or equipment, store them horizontally.

Packing Your Stuff
Many self-storage facilities, especially in Australia, that offer packing and cleaning your stuff but at an additional price. If you are clueless on what to do with your stuff, this is advisable; but if you want to be as organized as possible, do it on your own. One benefit of doing it yourself is that you will know exactly where your things are so can get it easily once you want to unpack it. Efficient packing is the key in maximizing your storage space.

Here are some tips in packing your valuables before storage:

  • Pack your books flatly on the floor to avoid damaging its spine.
  • Don’t store wet items in a storage facility because it can cause water damage, mold and mildew.
  • Defrost fridges and freezers thoroughly before storing them; otherwise it can become cause of water damage. However, leave its door slightly ajar to stop condensation forming and to ward off bad odor.
  • Wrap fragile items separately.
  • Wrap mirrors and pictures in a protective covering like bubble wrap and stack them on their ends.
  • Separate lamp bases and lampshades and wrap them for protection.

These are very easy-to-do tips so make sure that if you are relocating and storing your stuff, you apply these. But remember, packing and storing might be taxing but still, try as much as you can to enjoy the process.

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Five Benefits of Having Storage Space in Australia

Self-storage has brought many benefits to many Australians. Because of this industry, people can now easily store their possessions—i.e. luxury items, furniture, etc.—without having to worry about clutter and space.

Some people have a hard time parting with their possessions because it has sentimental value that’s why they resort to self-storage; while some need it because they are relocating to a new place and their current furniture does not fit into their new homes. No matter what their reasons are for needing self-storage, it is undeniable that it has its benefits.

Sydney Cheap Storage gives you five benefits of using self-storage:

Affordable Prices

Storage units in Sydney are relatively affordable compared to others; with as low as $123 per month—now, this may seem steep to others but it is definitely worth it considering it holds some of your precious belongings. There are leasing options as well that you can choose from whether you sign on for a week to week basis or opt for long term storage policies which do not terminate until you are ready to remove everything.

Also, there are some companies that offer additional benefits and discount for people who pay in advance for longer periods of time.

The Units Are Temperature-Controlled

Unlike attic or basements that acquire mold and dust over time; most self-storage units in Australia are temperature-controlled. The benefit of using temperature-controlled units is that you can store anything as long as you like. Additionally, your possessions are safe from unregulated hot and cold temperatures or natural elements like flood, fire or extreme weather changes.

Storage Space for All Sizes

Typically, in Australia, the average storage space is 5 x 5—this is actually big enough to store boxes or crates while larger ones can hold bigger furniture, motorcycles, piano, etc.
Storage spaces are offered in all sizes that will best fit your need. The monthly rental is dependent on how small or big the space is.

Storage Units Are Safe and Private

One of the top advantages of self-storage is added protection and security. Most cheap storage facilities in Sydney have 24-hour security cameras on the premises and are equipped with hi-tech bolted tight locks and padlocks which only the renter knows the password.

Added Moving Services

We at Sydney Cheap Storage do not only store your possessions but we also have additional services like cleaning and packing your belongings. We also do inventory for you which eliminates stress and hassle for you.

If you are looking for cheap storage company in Australia, call us and we’ll be glad to give you an obligation-free quote.

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Tips in Making Your Wooden Furniture in its Prime Shape


Wooden furniture adds glamour to otherwise boring home set-up. But because it is wood, natural cracks and decay is inevitable. Nevertheless, proper care of your wooden furniture should last you a lifetime. Here are some tips in ensuring that it retains its form, sheen and shape.

  • Here’s the real deal: It is OK to clean your wooden furniture with water—as long as you don’t soak it.  You should also use warm water and mild soap as well as tool toothbrush for hard-to-reach areas.  Wipe the dirt off with soft clean cloths and gently dry it off with a soft and dry cloth.
  • To maintain its sheen and finish, use a good quality soft past wax. Apply it as directed in the label and wait five minutes before you buff it with a cloth or shoe brush. Again, wait for another 30 to 60 minutes before you brush it again thoroughly. The result will be shiner furniture that should last for months.
  • Wooden furniture should be kept out of the sun, unless the manufacturer intended it for outside use. The hot summer sun can cook the finish and can dry out and shrink the wood which, eventually can cause cracks.
  • Don’t place your wooden furniture near heating vents because dry heat will cause it to shrink overtime. In drier months, use a humidifier to increase the moisture level.
  • If you want to polish metal hardware, take it off the furniture first but remember where it belongs. Use a good quality metal polish to buff it.
  • Frustrated with coffee stains on your wooden furniture? Don’t be. The easiest way to remove it is to rub it with mild abrasive like a non-gel toothpaste combined with baking soda or cooking oil mixed with ashes. Rub it in the furniture with your finger or a soft cloth.
  • For new furniture, Sydney Cheap Storage recommends that you leave the drawers empty and open it for at least 24 hours so that the oil will dry completely and the remaining odor form the oil to dissipate. Let the furniture breath.
  • When moving heavy furniture, LIFT it. DO NOT DRAG it as it only not cause damage to the joints but to your floor as well.
  • Older or antique wooden pieces should be handled with care. Consult with your local antiques handler so that they can clean it properly. Additionally, any extensive work should be left to the professionals.

Please remember that furniture cleaning depends on type of furnishing and material. Some methods may not be applicable to your fittings. SCS is available for storage concerns. Call us for assessment and other storage concerns.

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