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Self Storage for Hoarders

Are you a self-confessed hoarder?

Hoarding is the habit of excessively collecting and holding on to things. A hoarder can’t seem to let it go, and just let items pile up. These items range from greeting cards, to accessories, to clothes that “might” be worn one day, to junk mails, to old newspapers, to furnitures, and to even trash and rotten food.

This activity is also called compulsive hoarding and compulsive hoarding syndrome. Although there are still debates whether this is an official mental illness, it is still characterized as an abnormality in brain function.

Self Storage for Hoarders

Hoarding ranges from a simple obsession to a form of mental illness where a perceived importance of items exceeds their real value. Whether you’re someone who’s just being sentimental in keeping candy wraps or a clinger who can’t let go of childhood toys which are battered due to excessive play, new ones gifted by friends, and scraps picked up from the garbage, perhaps it’s time for you to control those urges.

You may think that hoarding is a harmless habit. But this can pose a problem in the family where living space is slowly being swallowed by constantly growing collection of stuff.

A good way to control hoarding urges is having a storage system. In Sydney, cheap storage facilities are available for your convenience. They have leasing options that cater to your availability, security, comfort, and the amount of the things that you want to store. Not only that, if you can’t seem to know how to organize your things, a company like Sydney Cheap Storage offer services to clean and pack and your belongings.

Having a self-storage does not just give your family a breathing space, it also comforts the hoarder in you because you know that your belongings are safe and you can visit them anytime you want. And by the time that you have realized the convenience of having a bigger space in your home, you may finally think of relieving yourself of such urges.

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Maximize Walls for Storage Space

When you think of storage space, you are probably thinking of huge boxes, containers or heavy cabinets. Those are common materials used to store items in household or even in business.

But one common problem with using those is that they consume space themselves. They need some floor space just to put these boxes or containers and gives you less space to walk or move around in. The other problem is that these storage containers can be heavy especially when full. Unless you hire our team that could help you with your storage requirements in Sydney, chances are you will do all these strenuous work on your own or with the help of your household and friends.

You might have a lot of boxes where you store your items and stacking them is a solution but that could also be a temporary one as you’ll end up having to buy more and more of these boxes or cabinets that can be costly on your part.

Image from

One alternative to consider is by using your walls for storage. Nowadays, it pays to be practical and you have to think ahead, even if that means that you’ll have to consider storing items differently and in this case, vertically, aside from stacking boxes one after the other. There are ways to make your storage look more organized than a pile of boxes.

You might wonder how you’re going to store items on the wall. Don’t worry, you don’t need to destroy it by putting a big hole. Several fixtures can be installed in walls to make some space.

Cabinets and shelves can be installed on the walls of your home. These could be put in the bedrooms for your clothes or living rooms for your display collections and this is mostly effective in kitchens where wall cabinets are used as a pantry for food and ingredients.

You could also put in racks on the walls where you could hang different items such as towels, keys, belts and even a bicycle when you install one in your garage.

Walls are no longer limited for artworks and decorations but it can also be used to keep your house look organized.

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Use your Bed as Storage Space

Beds are usually one of the most important furnitures at home and a staple in our bedrooms and it’s no surprise why. It provides comfort for relaxation and a space to sleep, hang-out and many other activities. Some could even stay on the bed all day.

Image from


They come in different sizes that could be good for a single person or even three. They are also different types of beds. Double deck beds are good for two people sharing beds while water beds provide some entertainment although it is not common and practical in homes.

Beds are one of the biggest furniture in the house and usually takes up space. It is not easy to dispose and replace beds easily which is why picking the right type of bed is important. Even though they can be easily stored in our Sydney storage facility, you can save a lot of space by having the right type of bed. Choosing the right bed involves checking out its comfort level, durability and its practicality.

When picking your bed, you would want a bed that makes you very comfortable or else you’ll end up regretting your choice. It’s also important that the materials used in making the bed are strong and capable to stand the test of time and won’t break easily when occupied by many people.

Beds are usually made out of wood or metal and both have its advantages and disadvantages such as acquiring rust or getting damaged easily from scratches.

But aside from providing comfort, it can be used to store items. Putting items under the bed is a good storage idea and it’s a good place to hide your clutter.

There are also storage beds that has drawers or small cabinets underneath. It’s a good way of combining comfort and functionality. You can store bed sheets, pillow cases or any items that you usually need additional space to put them in.

Beds may take up a lot of space but they can be a source of storage space at the same time while maintaining its main purpose of providing comfort.

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Now is the Perfect time to Invest on a Storage Facility

Our storage facility is available for anyone at all times. Our service is top notch and our experience can back it up. We protect your furniture and keep it secured under our temperature controlled facility. If that’s not enough, we also put protective wrappings on your furniture to add more protection. We know how to handle your items no matter how many or how big or small they may be and we have different sizes of storage that will suit the right amount of your needs and will fit your budget.

Image from

But despite these services that most professional storage companies offer, some are still hesitant to take advantage and doubt the benefits of having a personal storage space.


We understand your concerns whether it’s for budgetary reasons or you probably have enough space in your house or business where you can store most of your items easily. Perhaps, you don’t feel secured when your belongings are in the possession of someone else. But these days where the economy can be quite unstable and the demands are higher, having an extra space is a great necessity and an investment that can last for a long time.


Real estate is a booming industry and a lot of people are buying houses and office spaces here and there which also means that there is a huge possibility that the demand for extra space to store items are higher. Moving is a long process that requires a lot of effort and it usually requires a buyer to need space for their items. But having your own storage facility beforehand can do wonders for you..


But even if you’re not moving to a new house, it does not mean you don’t need one. Surely, your taste and needs are changing and you may find yourself having to switch furniture or disposing of your old ones in exchange for your newly bought items you got from the mall or received from your friends. The members of your household are also potential sources for having additional stuff on your homes and the need for more space.


You’ll never know when you’ll need additional space for any reason but it is certainly a good investment for your future especially when you avail of our reliable and affordable storage service in Sydney.

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Substituting Items for a better Storage Space

One of the hardest tasks in storage is picking which items are in need of storage and/or disposal. In the previous blog, we revealed some ways on how to get rid of unwanted clutter that could give you more space to fill the storage. Some items like clothes and toys could be given as hand-me-downs and old equipment can be sold through garage sales.

There are also other items that you probably own that can be disposed of or be replaced with a substitute that is practical and space and cost-friendly.

Although it is common practice to store damaged, old or rarely used items, you can save a lot of time by replacing some of your regular items in exchange for these substitutes.

Collector’s Items

Image from

Many people collect different items and consider it as an achievement. These are usually done for leisure or a hobby. It can be toys, magazines or any piece of item that may gain value in time. If you happen to be keeping your own collection, you know that these items take up space for display or storage.

However, as we grow up, some fall out from their interest and stop collecting. It can also be for financial restraints or it could be that these items are just hard to find and obtain. Maintenance also requires hard work to keep it safe from damage and away from dust and dirt.

If you ever get bored of collecting and find it of no use, you may use our storage space but you can also earn money from it. Some collectors are willing to pay for any valuable items for a price and selling items from your collection can earn you money.



Image from

Pictures holds a lot of sentimental value. It contains a lot of memories that we often like to go back to and the reason why we keep them. But as we take many pictures, they also take up space for storage. One way of reducing it but maintaining these pictures is to go digital. Pictures can now be transferred to computers and it lessens the risk of getting damaged or decreasing quality.


Image from

Books can be bulky and they may not even be of use after a few times. They are also prone to damage and could be lost. When you have a stock of books that are just collecting dust on the bookshelf. It may be better to put them on storage or give them away.

E-books is a popular substitute and a lot of books are available through this format. Using them is very convenient and you don’t need physical space to store them.

There are other things in your household that can be converted to cash or be disposed of to keep your home organized and require you a huge storage.

Whether you follow our advice above, our storage in Sydney can accommodate any of the items listed. Give us a call now and we can give you more storage advice!

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Your Unused Items: For Storage or Disposal?

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Sydney Cheap Storage offers facilities for safekeeping of your items. We can store almost anything to help you save space and temporarily take care of your items that are used at irregular times or seasonally.

However, as much as it is convenient for anyone to just rent a space and throw any items in, we recommend everyone to see things more clearly before putting everything on storage. Our storage may be cheap but it can cost you a lot if you have too many items to store and we strongly encourage to save some storage space by only putting items that still holds value even if you don’t use it quite often. Some may confuse which items needs to be stored and which ones needs actual disposal.


There are ways to get rid of unwanted items where you don’t have to take up a lot of storage and you can earn or help others instead. Here are some ways to do so:


Holding a Garage Sale

Image from

Some items that are in good condition but you have no use for it can be sold from your own house at a garage sale. Invite your neighbors and friends or advertise in your neighborhood and you may see these items converted into cash. You may ask help from your entire family to assist you in selling these items

Donate to Charity

Image from

Several items such as clothing and toys are welcomed by various institutions to give them to the less fortunate persons or even to victims of calamities. This is a good way of disposing your items while helping others.


Image from

If you don’t want to dispose of some of your items but you can’t use it anymore, you might as well give it to somebody close to you. Your old clothes may fit your younger siblings or your children and they may find them useful. These could save them a decent amount of cash that would have been spent on these items.

Remember that every space you use or store is valuable. Your unused items can be useful to others and may belong there rather than stored in our storage in Sydney where you could put more important items instead.

It is important to sort out items for storage and figure out which should be stored and which are items that you could live without.

When you have all these items sorted out, Sydney Cheap Storage is always prepared to take these items under our protection. Stay tuned for more tips about your storage.

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Starter Tips on Making Labels

In the previous blog, we have discussed the importance of putting labels on our items for easy identification and retrieval. Labels are simple ways of keeping our belongings safe and avoiding confusion that may occur when you have so much clutter or items in storage.

Image from



Putting on labels is not so hard and gives you more reason not to be lazy to put labels on any items whether its at home or stored in another location such as a storage facility.


In fact, there are so many ways on how to label these items and you can be as creative as you want. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on materials and these can be used for a long time.


Here are a few tips on how to label your items:


1. Color coding.

Image from

Instead of having to write or attach any labels, the storage you use for your items could be a label already. You can assign a certain color for a certain person in your family. For example, you can use blue strings,clips  or boxes for your son’s stuff. You can even assign color for a particular items that belongs in a certain place. For instance, you can assign white to store old and unused utensils and any other kitchen items. It does not only make it easy but it also adds a pleasing visual appeal when you store these items in an organized manner.


2. Peel off stickers.

Image from

Stickers is also one of the most used and reliable materials for labeling. It’s cheap and it’s available in most stores and it’s easy to use. You can even use color coded stickers. Just make sure that you buy stickers that are durable and would stick for a long time. Stickers can be peeled off when it needs to be replaced and it won’t necessarily leave a dirty stain or marks on the surface. These stickers can be written on. There are even shops that offers personalized stickers where you can have whatever you want to be printed on it in an instant and saves you time.


Your items and belongings can be stored in our cheap storage facility in Sydney and these labels are not going to add more expenses on your budget so we recommend that you make sure to label your items accordingly. Don’t worry, if these two tips are not enough, we’ll be providing you more tips on labels and storage in the next coming weeks so stay tuned!

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Importance of Labels in Packages

Here in Sydney Cheap Storage, we offer you the convenience of packing and storing your items. We keep them safe and stored properly for protection and safekeeping.

One of the best practices in storing items is putting on labels or tags on your items for easier identification and organization.

Photo from

Putting on labels makes it easier for you to locate where these items are or where they should be placed or even to whom they belong to. This is helpful when you have a storage or compartments  full of different items  and you are only looking for a particular item. This saves you time and effort as you don’t have to look at each storage by taking each one of them out and putting it back again and repeat the same process every single time. Just looking for items on label saves you time and energy.

It is recommended that when you store several items together, you store them as a group that belongs together or at least be related to each other in terms of function. The reason is that you don’t have to label them separately and you can just label them on the box or whatever storage you are using.

For example, you can label seasonal items together. Christmas decorations such as wall decors and Christmas trees are often stored when the Yuletide season is over or haven’t started yet. You can store them in one storage altogether and label them as Christmas items instead of having to label every single Christmas item when you store them apart in different storages.


You can also organize and label items by grouping them together by where they should be or to whom they specifically belong. If you are storing your child’s toys or clothing, you can label it as a group that specifies that it is your child’s items. That makes it easier to find his toys and avoiding the hassle of going through different boxes of toys or clothes that may belong to a sibling or a different member of the family.

It’s important that these labels are placed where you can easily see them and make sure that the labels you use are durable and won’t be removed or erased so quickly.

Protect your items in one of the best storage facilities in Australia by calling us now to avoid inconvenience in packing your items!

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Fall Organizing and Storage Tips

While we marvel at fall’s warm colors, let us not forget that our homes also need an update. Spring cleaning is so passé-try fall cleaning and re-organizing and you will be amazed at how your house will transform from last season’s heat!

At Sydney Cheap Storage, we not only store things; but at the end of the day, we also want our clients to have an inviting and peaceful homes and it boosts our spirit whenever we can help them improve their house’s appearance – especially if we helped them eliminate clutter through our storage solutions in Sydney. Here are our fall organizing and storage tips that will surely let your house breath.

Accessory Storage

Photo from

Compared to summer, fall in Australia is colder so expect jackets, sweaters, backpacks and umbrellas to pile up in your house. To eliminate this clutter, take cue from restaurants by installing double ceiling hooks underneath a shelf.

Home Appropriate Lockers

Photo from

Fall’s days are shorter and before we know it, it’s already the winter season. Beat the fall storage cramming by installing or remodeling your kid’s locker into a catchall for your kids’ mountains of stuff- gloves, sports equipments, shoe and more! You can also make this your project so that you can have that Dad-son bonding moment.

Mudroom Organizer

We understand that everyone in the family has their own kind of mess: sports equipments for your husband or kids and purses and shoes for you. To eliminate more clutter from piling up in your house this season, create a separate storage container for each gear by assigning a sturdy metal storage bin to each member of the household. You can slide or hide these bins underneath a bench in front of the hall or arrange them in your mud room.

Remote Corral

Photo from

We know that it’s such a hassle to look for remote controls for your TV, air conditioner or fire place especially this season because you just want to relax and watch your favorite show. But with at least three remote controls on your table, you will easily lose your cool if you press the wrong one. Place them in a more convenient place by putting a wide mouth vase or a nice looking container on your side table and just drop it all in.

A Basket for Your Slippers

Photo from

As the cooler falls season hits Australia, make a slipper basket and fill it with comfortable slippers or soft socks as a warm welcome for visitors. Make your very own shoe hangers to preserve the shape of tall boots and maximize space—dedicate a small closet space near your door so that you can easily access them.

Fall should not hinder you from making beautiful and practical storage spaces in your house. Just use a little imagination and you are set even up to winter!

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Types of Storage Unit: Which Is Right For You?

When we hear “self storage units”, the first think that comes to our mind is a square compartment just right to fit our equipments and furniture. What many people don’t know is that there are types of self-storage units that fit their needs whether you want to store your boat, a private closet to store your documents or old clothes or just an extra space to hold your unused furniture and clutter at home.

Self storage facilities in Sydney offer different options to meet your needs. Units come in varying sizes and are divided within the facility into individual rooms, cells, plots or pods. You can rent it either for short or long periods.  Here are the different types of self-storage units that should help you choose for your needs.

Outside Storage

This is perfect for people who want to store large items like tractors, cars, dirt bikes, boats, etc. Generally, these are covered units partitioned by wire mesh.

Drive-Up Storage

This type has varying sizes from 10-foot wide by 10-foot deep or 10-foot wide by 15-foot deep. Heights vary between facilities. Usually, they look like a garage and is located in a big facility that may include several rows of buildings divided into numerous units. Customers can easily pull their car right up to the door of the unit to drop off or pick up their items.

Indoor Storage

You have to enter a building and pass through a security check before you reach your indoor storage. Inside, you will find pods in varying sizes—some as small as a drawer or as big as a closet. Dollies may be provided to help you move your items. This type is usually temperature-controlled so your unit’s location is important. Consider the location of your pod—if it will be too cold in the winter or warm during summer.

Mobile Storage

This type is perfect for people who are renovating their homes and have no place to put their furniture for a short time. Mobile storage companies will deliver the pods into your address and leave it there for an agreed amount of time. The units look like small train cars and come in different sizes. Or if you are relocating, you can have the unit at your house and fill it out then they will just come and move it to their storage facility. These are often stacked on top that is why you have to call at least two days in advance so that the company can properly arrange your unit.

In looking for the right storage facility in Australia, you must consider your budget, the type of security you want, if you need climate control and if it easily accessible. Always talk to the management so that you will be on the same page regarding payment, insurance and security.

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