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Making the Most Out of Your Business Storage

In our previous blogs, we’ve talked about how self storage can be beneficial to one’s business. Now that you have acquired the services of a storage facility, there are other ways where you can maximize its use.

Think of a storage unit as another business investment. As a “space” you’ve rented, nothing is stopping you from using it as an extension of your office. Archive important documents, protect office furniture, and avoid damage to computers. Efficiently plan how you can make the most out of your storage through the following:

Take advantage of climate control

One great thing about storages is the durability of the units and the security they offer. With the climate control service that most facilities offer, you can prevent your office stuff from warping, rusting, yellowing, molding and getting infested by vermin. This is essential when you’re storing computers or parts, paperworks, and chemical samples.

Here at Sydney Cheap Storage, we make sure that everything is kept in the best conditions by having our units and warehouses equipped with proper measures to ensure durability and security.

Keep an inventory

You, as well as your employees, are given free reign on when to visit your self storage unit. Since authorized personnel are allowed to visit and take stuff, you should make an organized effort to keep track on your things too. Remind your employees to record the stuff they are taking and visiting.

Make a note on proper packing

To ensure the safety of your stuff and achieving no or less damage, you should take note on how certain items should be packed. Computers must be in boxes with foam insulation. Documents and photos should be placed in same sized boxes for easier stacking. Office furniture would need more elaborate packing, so it’s understandable to let experts movers pack them.

You should also take note on how frequent you would need to access certain items to make sure that you place them in accessible spots.

With these tips, you can maximize your storage investment and even give you the least amount of time to worry about your stuff.

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Business Storage Helps You Work with Ease

What is your ideal office? Is it one with bright and sunny paints to welcome your clients, or a sleek corporate space that speaks of professionalism? Instead of thoughts of interior design, most of us would want a spacious one, or at least one that is neat and tidy for everyone to enjoy a space where they can move with ease. Experts even say that an office with enough breathing room helps increase productivity of the staff.


As inventory, sample, supplies and paperwork pile up especially in small spaces, organization tends to be a challenge. This is especially true when you can’t find the time to organize or think of new ways to redesign your office for those items and stuff that would surely fill that space in the future.

Instead of renting additional commercial space, business owners have thought of a more cost effective mean. By renting a cheaper self storage, you get to save money, and valuable time spent on finding solutions to your problem. Furthermore, you can also use the time while your stuff are in the facility while you do the following:

·         Remodeling your business

You’ve finally decided that it’s time to re-organize your office space. Of course, you would need to clear your works stations of computers and other office appliances, supplies, paperworks and other items that would get in the way.

 Another great thing about a storage facility is that you can store your important documents with absolute security and can have access on them whenever you need them.

·         Relocating your business

You are ready to expand your business, or have finally decided that a small office can no longer accommodate you, your staff, and your things. As you work things out for your relocation, you can have the moving services of the storage provider that you have contacted.

·         Seasonal cleaning

Each season requires particular items especially supplies. Instead of throwing them out or letting them crowd a corner of your office space, store them away until such time that you would need them again.

·         Storing excess inventory and other office stuff

Offices that just let things pile up consider those items as too valuable to be thrown away. Instead of letting them rob you of your breathing space, or be more prone to getting misplaced, you can put them in a storage space where they can be secured.

Sydney Cheap Storage can provide you the storage solutions for your corporate needs. Not only do we provide secured warehouse facilities, we can also help you move your things around. Instead of worrying about your things, you can just focus on more important details regarding your office reorganization. So, stop fussing now and call us.

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Managing Your Office Relocation with Less Stress

The success of your business headquarter relocation depends on how you manage several factors that affect the relocation process. It is already given that timeframe and cost are the first variables that will affect the reliability and stability of your business.

After prioritizing these variables, you must also consider these factors:

  1. Identifying and viewing of properties

Allot 3 months or more for the inspection of your new location. Since it will be an unfamiliar territory for you and your staff, you have to provide report on how it will impact your business. A good location provides comfort and accessibility.

  1. Agreeing on Terms and Conditions of the Leasing

This works like leasing a home in Australia. You have to do property inspection, document signing, organizing finance and insuring your property. Also, part of office leasing in the country is ensuring that your location is within correct business zone. You will also have to sign a Retail or Commercial Lease as required.

Usually, it is part of your duty to understand your obligations and your landlord’s when signing a lease. You must also be knowledgeable on requirements of leasing, that includes Retail Leases Act 2003. Understanding the Terms and Condition is a must.

  1. Getting Legal Advice

Legal and commercial advice is necessary before making any commitments in buying, leasing or incurring any obligations. Also, presence of lawyers is necessary when signing an offer to lease or any other documents. When money is involved during payment of any deposit or transactions, it is advised that you ask for the involvement of a legal person.

  1. Deciding on Office Design

In an article of Quartz, a well-designed office impacts the productivity of its tenants. Again, a good office is where employees find comfort. Where they feel like going back again and work for the business. It is believed that a bad office condition can cost employers two and a half days a year. This means, it causes absenteeism among its employees – losing productivity and ROI.

  1. Migrating IT system

During this process, it is better to reassess and research data connections and to upgrade hardware. This will give you a chance in upgrading your system to make your connection better. Plan on migrating existing IT and telecoms.

  1. Doing the Physical Move

This is considered to be your last stage in moving your office. Equipments and properties are your investment. Prepare an inventory for this. You might want to get help from reliable companies that can aid you in packaging. Self storage facilities in Sydney are very easy to find but finding a reliable one that can provide you with quality service relies on some statements from previous companies they have liaised with.

Among the names that you can trust, Sydney Cheap Storage is one of the companies that you can depend on. We provide convenience, security, excellent customer service and affordable packages.

After managing your checklist of office relocation, you can finally pat your back, sit down on your chair in your new office, and sigh a breath of relief. Call us today!

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Before Flying Out: Your Guide to International Relocation

Congratulations, you’re all set and ready to go to chase your dream of becoming an expatriate!

 You have received confirmation that all your legal documents and needs at the other side of the globe are finalized and only your presence is needed. But before getting all excited, you also have to take care of some personal things that your company or organization won’t do for you.

Compared to just moving houses and towns, relocating to another country means more adventure – and more loose ends to tie before literally flying out. So here are some personal tips to help you relocate with fewer worries.

Check your documents

Make sure that you have a copy of all your legal papers – from your traveling documents to personal information. Leave a copy to your most trusted family member or friend at home to send them to you when the need arise, a copy for your company or organization to confirm your ties with them, and for yourself, just in case complications arise when you relocate.

Pack lightly

Be very strict when choosing the things that you would pack. Since your items are going to be transported overseas, the fee will be measure according to their cubic feet. The less items that you bring, the cheaper your moving costs would be. Also, make sure that you only hire reputable removalist company which could provide you all the information that would make your move more convenient.

Clear everything out

Cancel all your utilities. Fix your new mailing address, and inform your families and friends. If you own your house, then good for you. You just need to make sure that it’s fully secured and will still be intact by the time you go back.

 And if you’re on rental, then you better start clearing out your items. Give away some stuff for sentimental reasons, sell some items away for pocket money, and store things that you can’t just part with in your old childhood home or in a storage facility. It’ll be more inexpensive and safe to put your stuff in your relative’s place or in a cheap storage facility in Sydney or someplace near you.

Be Mentally and Emotionally Ready

Perhaps you have been dreaming for a long time to land this dream assignment of yours. However, being ready does not just mean making a list of the places you want to visit and the things that you want to do in another country. You have to learn all there is to know about your new home like the culture and the way of life of the people. You have to know where your embassy is located and be part of the expat community of that area. In short, learn all expat tips that you can find.

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Life After University: Moving Out for the First Time

The semester just ended, and perhaps you’re among those eager to leave your parents’ home and be a man and woman of the independent world. Now that you have earned your degree and got a few weeks free to enjoy the transition between school life and career life, you are probably listing in your priorities in life now to get your own flat.

So, before your big adventure into the so-called real world, consider this guide as you plan your next move:

Find the right people

Now that you have decided on leaving your nest in your parents’ home and you can no longer go back to your university dorm, you should consider how you would live your independent life. Would you really live on your own, or would you consider having roommates? By having roommates in the form of your relatives, friends, or even strangers that you met online, they would be helpful in splitting the living cost, the chores, and items that you would need in your new home. However, it could also be risky when it comes to the diversity of your personalities that may lead to complications.

Find the right place

As you lead your new life and move out for the first time, your first home will always be special so make sure that you will be getting the place of your dreams, or something close to it. View advertisements and drive around in your preferred neighborhood, and list the places that meet your requirements.

Find your finances

In a recent study from the Melbourne Institute’s 2013 Working Paper series, young Australians are said to go out without food and borrow money to survive when they moved out of home. In order to avoid this, you should have already prepared your budget plan before even moving out.

 Gather your resources. Have you saved enough during your part-time stint in college? Ask your parents. They can either give you a pin money or help you gather resources that could last you at least 3 months in the real world. Make a budget on how much you would be spending on your necessities and stuff that you would buy once you have moved out.

Find your things

Before even thinking about filling your new home with your dream items, look at your childhood room first. List the items that you could still use and bring to your new flat such as your bed and old desk, make the most of out your toys and other things by selling them, and, as a courtesy to your parents, don’t leave any junk behind.

There are fresh graduates who don’t want to burden their family by bringing stuff over and relocating them in another place so they use self storage facility. It would also do you good to find a cheap storage in Sydney or in other nearby areas. Once you have accomplished your checklist, add your roommates’ (if you have any) things and the items that you really need in your place right away. 

Now that you have chosen to fly on your own, good luck in establishing an independent life.

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How to Pack Smartly for Your Move

In our previous blog, we talked about the proper packing supplies and boxes that you would need for your big moving day. It was mentioned that improper packing could lead to breakage or damage of your fragile belongings.


Aside from choosing the right box for your items, you should also know that certain items are meant to be packed by professionals, by yourself and there are even items that are not meant to be packed at all.


Fragile Items

Items such as glassware and antique need utmost care when packing. You would need plenty of cushioning materials such as packing paper and Styrofoam to support the bottom and edges of the carton.

 Wrap each china and glassware in several sheets of paper and placed on rims. Always put heavier pieces at the bottom. Don’t forget to write Fragile outside the box.


Books and DVDs

For your books, keep the carton weight under 50 pounds and in small boxes, or else these items will be difficult to be moved, or worse break the bottom of the box. Pack the books with same sizes, and alternate the orientation of their binding.

 To avoid scratches, cover your DVDs, cassette tapes and other media items in their respective covering; or if none, use tissue paper to wrap them. Fill in the spaces with paper to provide a snug fit inside the box.



For your clothes, you can fold them and place them in suitcases or in wardrobe cartons or even inside dressers as long as they’re light enough not to add too much weight on the dresser.

 As for your shoes, if you do not have their boxes on hand, you can add them with your other items as long as they’re placed on top or not below heavy items.


Linens and Beddings

A good thing about linens is that you could use them as padding material for delicate items. Fold and place them in larger boxes, and place lightweight materials such as clocks and radios on them.

 As for beddings, you can either place them in wardrobe cartons or just fold them.


For some items such as home theater systems and other heavy appliances, if you don’t have their original boxes along with their protective paddings, it is recommended to leave the packing to professionals. If you are employing a storage company in Sydney for the safekeeping and moving of some of your stuff, then you may avail of the services of their professional movers to pack for you.

 Do add these tips on your checklist to ensure the success of your moving!

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Choosing the Right Box When Moving

It’s moving day once again, and you are on the hunt for the right box for your goods. Second hand boxes may be accessible in your area, but this type of budget saving may lead to more expenses due to improper packing.

It is important that you have noted factors to consider when looking for the right box and packing materials for your precious cargos.


Moving Supplies

Aside from the storage itself, the very first thing that you need is a permanent black marker. Make sure that you have properly labeled your boxes with an effective labeling system. You could label your boxes according to room assignment, item size, or whatever categories that best work for you.

The next thing that you would need is the packing tape. For sturdier results, make use of a professional packing tape instead of masking tape. Observe proper usage of the tape since you’ll be filling and closing a lot of boxes.

In addition, you would need to secure the safety of your items inside the box so make use of a packing paper. Contrary to popular advice, newspaper isn’t really recommended since it could stain your valuables. You could, at least, choose clear paper or old glossy magazines. For your fragile items, crush some Styrofoam and pour it inside or use some bubble wraps for extra protection.


Moving Boxes

You painstakingly planned how you would pack your things, so it makes sense for you to also dedicate some time in finding the right box for them. Boxes that are packed too heavy can break open, while those that are lightly-packed can be crushed. This is why box size is important.

Book or Small Carton

A 1.5 cubic foot box is the smallest general-purpose box that could be used for books, CDs, canned goods, accessories and other small objects.


Medium Carton

A medium-sized box is just right for smaller, heavier items such as small kitchen appliances, pots and pans.


Large Carton

You can stuff light and bulky items in the largest box that you could find. Among those items are clothes, pillows, stuffed toys, and blankets.


Storage module

For more fragile items like a prized appliance, furniture, art, or collectible, you can commission a self storage module from a cheap storage company. The module could provide extra protection with its padding and durable materials meant to secure your items.


If you don’t know where to find these, you can contact your moving or storage company to know where to find these boxes. In Sydney Cheap Storage, free appraisal is offered to help clients determine which service they would need, as well as the boxes and packing supplies.  So, it would save you a lot of time to find a place that could provide you with all the things that you would need. 

Good luck choosing the right box!

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Storage Spaces in Your Own Bedroom

Bedrooms are one of the most important and fancied rooms in a house. It is where most of us stay whether to sleep, relax or do most of our activities. It’s also considered as the most personal space in our house.

In our previous blog posts, we recommended some ways of using beds and walls as storage spaces and these could be applied in your bedrooms. We know a lot of people who store a lot of personal belongings such as clothes, electronic gadgets and other important items.There are those who feel more secured in using trusted storage facilities in Sydney while some resort to using the bedroom which is more secured than any other part of the house. This is why it is important to maximize every single space in the bedroom no matter what size the bedroom is.

Bedrooms are supposed to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Don’t keep it disorganized by storing items in wrong places.

Several storage items can be used to add space in your bedroom while keeping it neat.


Side tables with cabinets

These provide valuable space especially when you’re staying in your bed. They can serve as a mini table top to display decorations or put drinks and add items below such as magazines or small items. It’s near the proximity in your bed and it serves as a nice complimentary furniture.

Image source:




If you place one near your bed, these could be a good substitute for a side table. You can put not only books but other items such as a lamp. These could also be embedded on the wall instead of buying a huge bookshelf, and will consume less space.

Image source:




Jewelry rack

If you have jewelries or accessories, you can hang them through racks that can be installed in the walls or placed inside your cabinets. These will make them look organized and easy to find especially the little pieces.

Image source:



 There are several ways of providing storage in bedrooms without compromising the orderliness of your room. You just have to make sure to use the right furniture and put in the right places.




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Sydney Cheap Storage: Security is our Top Priority

When we are in need of space, we usually look for a secured space. We usually run to these “containers” because our relatives don’t have enough space in their basement or garage for our stuff as we go away for vacation or for home renovation.  Or we make use of them to store our much-loved items when our rooms or house lacks the space for it. Since we are storing stuff that are dear to us, we make sure that we put them away where our minds can be put at ease.

Importance of Storages’ Security in Sydney 

There are many types of security breaches that happen in the world today. In Australia, the most problems that the Australian Crime Commission has encountered are misplaced classified documents, identification, secure laptops and other equipments. And, of course, theft can not be crossed out.

In the case of personal stuff, we might fall prey to the latter. If we leave them in an unsecured place, we can expect to not find our stuff in the same place. Since storages in Sydney originated from simple lockers and containers, security breaches in the past happened on a regular basis.

This is why it is imperative that when we use the service of a storage facility company to store our belongings especially gadgets, appliances, and important documents, we have to make sure that we choose the most secured facility.

Safe and protected storage facility in Sydney

SCS is Sydney’s most secure, convenient and effective storage.

In our past blog article, we talked about the reasons why you should choose Sydney Cheap Storage. One of the reasons why you should do so is the excellent security measures that SCS employ for your stuff.

·         Secured facility

All our storage facilities are self-contained, fully-locked and alarm monitored. In addition, the self storage that is delivered to you comes with a padlock which you lock before we load and transport it. You can be assured that you’re the only one who can unlock it.

·         Well-preserved module

We make sure that your stuff is pristinely preserved. We are a name to be recalled when we talk about clean facilities and premises.  In addition, the portable modules that we use are made of the highest quality industrial plywood that ensures durability and breathability so your belongings won’t be destroyed or ruined both from outside or inside.

·         Safe Delivery

Our expert movers deliver the module with protective padding to your home, and can pack your belongings for you with utmost care. Once they’re packed with our highly secured module, we will bring your stuff to our warehouse where it is kept in the best conditions. You don’t have to worry since our full concierge services oversee both inbound and outbound deliveries.

·         Cheap Insurance

As a precautionary measure, we offer an affordable insurance plan which will put your mind more at ease. For just $1.50 per month for every $1, 000 of coverage, our plan can protect you and your stuff from unexpected problems such as theft, fire and flooding.

Cheap BUT Secured storages

With Sydney Cheap Storage, you can be assured of the high security measures that we undertake for your stuff. But we are not just a name for security. We also pride our self for providing excellent service at unbeatable prices.

 If you’re looking for a cheap storage in Sydney where you can enjoy additional services, then you must have heard of us. Here are our additional services that you can enjoy along with our normal packages:

·         Free appraisal. If you’re unsure of which package to avail, just call us and our professional mover will come to your home and give you an estimate.

·         Hassle-free packing and loading. When you avail of our packages, our expert movers will load your stuff, and transport them with our own vehicle. You don’t have to worry about hiring a van for them.

·         Payment bonus. Should you decide to move out early, we will refund your unused rent. And should you decide to pay your first six months in advance, you’ll get a month free of charge for your storage.

·         Availability. You will have full access to your portable module Monday to Friday from 8AM to 4PM. Just give us three days notice, and we’ll have your mobile storage unit ready and waiting for you.

Sydney Cheap Storage has built a reputation with its promise that when you use SCS, your belongings will be returned to you in the exact same condition in which they were originally stored.  So, call Sydney Cheap Storage now and avail of Sydney’s most secure, convenient and effective storage!

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Why you should choose Sydney Cheap Storage

Are you an avid traveler? Do you need a place for your things as you renovate your home? Or are you in need of storage for your stuff as you make your way to your new place? Whatever is the case, what you just need is a convenient storage facility.



One of the best storage facilities in Australia

A storage facility, or more commonly known as self-storage, is a rented storage space. In this industry, rooms, lockers or containers are rented out usually in a monthly basis for secured storage of tenants’ goods.

People store items because they want to keep them, but not many people have the extra space in their homes or in their friends’ garage for such stuff. They need space as they go away to travel, or as their homes are being renovated, or as kids from college who need to store their items as they look for their own place. This is how storage facilities came to be. Anyone can store their items, be it jet skis or your beloved train set.

As of now, there are more than 58 000 storage facilities worldwide, and there are approximately 1 000 storage facilities in Australia. If you’re looking for cheap facilities, then the storage in Sydney is the best place to find them and among the best is Sydney Cheap Storage (SCS).


How Sydney Cheap Storage works

Aside from the advantages of a typical storage facility, Sydney Cheap Storage can also assure you of the most convenient and cheap storage solutions in Sydney. Just drop SCS a call and you can expect immediate feedback and fast processing of your request. With SCS, you can expect the movers to come to you and offer the services you need, and pick up your stuff. Wherever you are, you can even expect a long distance service.

The portable modules are made of the highest quality industrial plywood that ensures their durability. In addition, the material used is breathable to promote excellent ventilation so humidity, flood and dry rot will not accumulate inside.

Budget friendly Storage Solutions

Sydney Cheap Storage prides itself in prioritizing customer satisfaction. With its aim to provide the best service, it offers clients two of its storage solutions that could answer your storage needs along with many other perks.

  •  Economy Service

With the Economy Service, SCS’ staff will deliver the Portable Storage Module to your doorstep. It comes with the right size for your stuff and protective padding for their security. It will then be picked up and delivered to a secure, weatherproof, alarm-monitored warehouse.

  •  Full Service

With this solution, all you need to do is give Sydney Cheap Storage a call for a schedule, and then you can just literally sit back and relax. SCS will send two expert movers with a Portable Storage Module based on the initial appraisal of your goods. The experts would use protective padding for the security of your staff and would ensure their delivery to a safe warehouse.

Still not sure which solution suits you? Sydney Cheap Storage also offers free professional appraisal. Just schedule an appraisal and an Appraiser will come to your home to measure your goods and advise you on what you would need.

To avail of Sydney’s most secure, convenient and cost effective storage, call Sydney Cheap Storage now!

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